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Bishop Houston Cunningham


Bishop Houston Cunningham speaks with passionate conviction about the Church and the role he is called to play in its growth.  A man dedicated to the teachings of the Bible, Cunningham has not succumbed to popular trends practiced by many churches today.  This man of God does not want the growth of his congregation to be due to the excellency of the choir, the popularity of the singles ministry, or the variety of youth programs.  Although all of those things can be good, Cunningham's priority is preaching the Word and leading others to Christ. 



Green Pastures Sanctuary


Green Pastures Christian Ministries is a fitting name for the church established by Cunningham in 1989 with 11 members.  The building is surrounded by several acres of green grounds, some of which was previously a pecan orchard and still has a few pecan trees scattered about. The church has been at its present location since 1993.   


The Bishop described with clarity his vision of a future sanctuary, youth facilities, and family center.  Cunningham wisely purchased the land for future growth upfront and gives credit to God for directing his steps.  He is in no hurry to force his visions to materialize, choosing to move according to God's timetable.  Cunningham stated that "For however long God let's me, I am His servant and here to do His work."  


Outside of college, Cunningham has been a lifetime resident of Moss Point.  Graduating from Magnolia High School in 1968, he attended Southern Mississippi University on a basketball scholarship and later worked for South Central Bell for 16 years.  Cunningham and his lovely wife, Claudine, have four children and several grandchildren.  


Over the years, Cunningham has maintained his love for basketball.  On the church grounds is a basketball court, where undoubtedly Cunningham has played and couched many games.  Terry Potts Copeland and Abbie Potts Huckleby fondly remember Houston Cunningham playing basketball at the Sue Ellen Gym in Moss Point.  It is hard for anyone who knows him to think of Houston Cunningham without thinking of basketball.


In addition to his duties as Pastor of Green Pastures, Cunningham supports the Home of Grace Christian Rehabilitation Center in Vancleave, where he is very committed to his work with drug offenders.  Being a coach, mentor and spiritual leader to young and misguided men is an important role to Cunningham.  "Reviving the strong male", says Cunningham is the key to strengthening families, communities, and society at large.  


He became an ordained Bishop in 2003 and is an honorary member of the Sacramento Theological Seminary.  Beginning with his own children, Cunningham continues to be active in PTO and school activities.  Dedicated to community and the inhabitants therein, Cunningham is continuously looking for ways to improve the local community.  It was for this love of his community that he ran for Ward 2 Alderman along with opponent James Smith.  After Smith won the election, Cunningham views the experience as enlightening, and with the community's best interest still in mind he is ready to support Smith in any way that he can.    


When asked if he would pursue future political offices, the Bishop responded with a definite "no".  Unless, of course, he is led to such a decision by a higher power.


Green Pastures Christian Ministries is a non-denominational church located in Moss Point, 4707 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, 228-475-7839.


--Rosalin Moss

July 1, 2005


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